Name:  Luke

Date:  10/22/18

Age:  13

Wish:  Disney Cruise

  1. What was your most favorite part of this wish?

“My favorite part of my wish was swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas.”

  1. What was your least favorite part?

“My least favorite part was the long flights to get to Florida.”

  1. What was something that surprised you?

“Something that surprised me was that I didn’t get seasick. Another thing that surprised me was how big the ship was.”

  1. If you did it all again, what would you change?

“If I did my wish trip again, I would change it from a 4 night cruise to a 7 night cruise, because I didn’t want it to end!”

  1. What would you tell other wish kids who are getting a wish from the Montana Hope Project?

“I would tell other kids that getting a wish will be the best thing to happen to you, and it will be so fun!”

  1. What do you want others to know about the Montana Hope Project?

“I want others to know that you don’t just get one wish from the Montana Hope Project and then they forget about you. They will continue to support you forever, like, by letting you go to a Griz game.”


Luke, Child of Hope,