1. What was your most favorite part of your trip?

I liked the Tower of Terror ride and seeing Hope and Winter, the dolphins.

  1. What was your least favorite part?

The airplane ride was too long.

  1. What was something that surprised you?

We had our own house at Give Kids the World!

  1. If you did it all again, what would you change?

I would go for 2 years, not 1 week.  I would make Mayor Clayton have floppy ears, not straight, stick-up ears.

  1. What would you tell other wish kids who are taking a trip to Florida?

You can ride any ride you want! They treat you like a super hero there! You get a lot of stuffed animals and presents!

I have more to say, but my brain is clogged up right now….

  1. What do you want others to know about the Montana Hope Project?

I want other people to know that the “policemans” sent me on my wish trip. Thank you to everybody who sent me on my wish!

  1. What would you like to tell the Montana Hope Project?

You’re the best, and you ROCK!


Darren, Child of Hope, 2016