We had the amazing opportunity to visit Walt Disney World In January 2016. What an incredible experience and a much needed break from life.

After 3 years of fighting ALL (Leukemia), it was so nice to get away and not have to worry about any doctor’s appointments. A great week spent reconnecting with each other and enjoying everything that Give Kids the World had to offer.

Aiden loved everything about the trip, but a definite highlight was riding the Spiderman ride at Universal Studios. He loved it so much, he rode it 6 times! I don’t think he missed one ride at Universal Studios or Disney World; he was on a mission to ride them all! Of course he also loved the endless supply of ice cream at Give Kids the World!

We truly cannot thank the Montana Hope Project enough for this incredible experience, helping us to fulfill a lifetime dream by sending us all to Disney World. It was not only a wonderful wish come true for Aiden, but for each one of us. It was a week full of laughs, smiles, and endless Disney magic!

Thank you again, so much, from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing organization.


Karin, 2016