Bears Who Care

There’s Bears in the Mountains, there’s Bears in the Wood
And Bears along the Highway who can hit you real good
There’s Bears in Montana who serve us out there
In Montana Hope Project they are Bears who care

These Troopers make it possible, for Children critically ill
To each have a chance, their dearest wishes to fulfill
Hot Tubs or Rodeo, Disneyworld or Hawaii
All wishes coming true, even one to Italy

Bikers and Car Clubs, each one does their part
Golf Tournaments and license plates will do for a start
Each Child's life precious and each day is brand new
It should never be cut short without wishes coming true

I have a lot of respect for those who choose to serve
We are proud to say they are better than we deserve
Speak of them with honor; call them Troopers, Cops or Bears
Montana should be proud to know they have Bears who care

Ken Blacklock
Wabamun, Alberta
August 14, 2009

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