Michelle Navarro

Missoula Area Coordinator

Hello, my name is Michelle Navarro, and I’m the Missoula Area Coordinator for the Montana Hope Project. I was first introduced to the Hope Project in 2013 after my husband graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy as a Montana State Trooper. With 2 young children of my own, a background in education, and experience in the Special Education community, I knew the Montana Hope Project would be a great fit! I reached out to the organization in hopes of becoming a volunteer, but what they needed was a coordinator for the area. That’s what I call meant to be! I have only been in this position for 11 months, and am still learning what is expected of me as a coordinator. I am constantly striving for new and better ways to serve the families of this great organization, and spread the mission of the Montana Hope Project. I understand that these families undergo a great deal of stress and heartache when dealing with the heavy diagnoses of these children. There are doctor appointments, therapists, multiple assessments, and financial strain. The truth is, I will never truly understand what these families face in their daily routines, but I am so happy to contribute even an ounce of positivity through the work of the Montana Hope Project. There are no words to accurately express how rewarding and life-changing it has been for me. In addition, I have had the pleasure of working alongside a selfless group of people, people I am proud to call my friends, people I probably never would have met if not for the commonality of the Hope Project. I look forward to continuing on this path in 2015!  Thank you!

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